The Finla team decided to take to the sea for sunrise paddleboarding last August, and are here to tell the tale!


“It may surprise some of you that the team at Finla is largely made up of the Grey family. Me, my wife and my two children. Being in business with family isn’t for everyone, but we have been extraordinarily lucky to have found our groove. My daughter Lola rocks a FinBob when we need photographs for the website, while my wife, Tanya, knows all the angles to show off our Kuvrups. As a true test of family-business-metal, I suggested to the kids that we go for some sunrise paddleboarding. They didn’t half surprise me when they said yes!



I woke up at 4am and crept out of the room, blearily heading to the kettle. There was no movement from their rooms, but they had been full of Christmas morning anticipation the night before. I had every faith. I loaded our kit, a flask and some warmer layers into the van and sipped my coffee, trying to pry my eyes open. Those pair were soon up and about, and looked remarkably fresh-faced. They dashed about getting ready, and bundled into the van in a whirlwind. Ah, the vitality of youth!




Driving down to Saundersfoot in our big Finla van had us feeling like we were on a proper expedition.  There was early-morning excitement in the air as we pulled into the deserted Saundersfoot car park. The first birds of the day were starting to chirp and we could hear the rush of the sea. We pumped up our boards in the cool morning air, and I could see the kids’ eyes twinkling, keen to get involved. Making our way down to the shore, the sun made its first appearance on the horizon. The sea started to sparkle just as we were dipping our toes.



Naturally, we are keen paddleboarders, and know that there’s nothing like that feeling as you first get onto your board. Somehow, though, we found it felt yet more spectacular in the quiet, hazy dawn. Lola and Fin paddled off confidently, exploring and finding their rhythm. I chose to take it easy, gliding along letting the cool, salty air wake me up. The sky went from hazy to clear as the day properly began, and we messed about paddling, swimming and taking videos. We weren’t alone, and shared our morning with a few bobbing gulls and a lazy jellyfish.



After an invigorating morning, we eventually bundled ourselves up in our Kuvrups with a cuppa. It was just 7am, and we had already squeezed such a great experience out of our day. The kids had been so determined to get up and out to get footage for the business, and I was so impressed with them. As I sat there, drenched and refreshed with my kids, I felt remarkably lucky that this was my office, and they were my team.”


Naturally, the team were using Finla inflatable paddleboards for their sunrise paddle, click here to learn more. 


There’s some great footage of the Finla family on their sunrise paddleboard. Check it out on our facebook by clicking here.