The Finla team been having loads of discussions lately about the perfect cocktail of SUP kit to suit you, the season and your paddle boarding style. You might be a come-home-dry pro or a shaky beginner, but we think we’ve just about got you all covered.


So you know what we’re going to say first, right? You need your paddle board and, well, paddle. And naturally, we think our inflatables are the way forwards. The ability to chuck your board in the back of the tiniest car and inflate at the shore is making paddle boarding way more accessible. Car rack? No need.

Check out our Inflatable paddle board design here (warning: those who see it, tend to want it!).


This is a little bit debatable. We know there are those of you out there confidently stepping onto your paddle board and coming back as dry as you began*, but for those of you who are new to the board or just like getting amongst it, you might want to invest in a wetsuit. Summer suits will go some way to keeping you warm, but if you’re thinking of soldiering on as it gets cooler, then a winter suit would be a great investment. Tip – Consider ‘Long John Suits’. A wetsuit without arms to help keep you paddling freely.


In summer, you might go for a rash vest and shorts and happily plunge into the water as you are, but in winter, you’ll want them for what they say on the tin. You’ll want that layer underneath your wetsuit to prevent rashes, and as an extra layer to keep you warm.


Wetsuit boots are a no-brainer in summer or winter. Why? Your feet (along with your arms) are your biggest paddle-boarding tools. If you’re striding out towards the horizon, board in arms, grin-on-face, you don’t want to have to toe-dip to avoid jagged rocks or the sneaky Weever fish. And in winter, you are going to need those boots for warmth!


This won’t improve your paddle boarding technique and nor will it keep you warm, but this is a handy piece of kit for the seasoned paddle boarder. It’s surprising the stuff you need to take to the water’s edge, and now you can throw it right on the board with you. Gone are the days of wondering, ‘Was the tide going in or out and how long before it reaches my phone?!’. A pro like you doesn’t make those mistakes anymore.


Let’s not think of them as a luxury, they’re a must. You’ve come out of the water and the exhilaration is giving way to the cold. You need to peel your layers off and bundle up in a dry robe, maybe have a little flask of tea.

We’ve just brought out our brand new Kuvrup Dry Robe, click here to check it out.

Side note, hats! On land or sea, you’ll want to keep your head warm. We’ve just brought out a range of toasty, colourful Finbobs that you can have a look at here!


We hope this gave you some inspiration, we look forward to seeing you out on the water.


*Go you! Visit our Facebook and post a photo of the wildest outfit you’ve managed to come back in, dry!